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Nonprofit Westchester is pleased to provide a list of job openings at NPW member organizations. All questions regarding an employment opportunity should be directed to the organization.  To submit a job listing, please email , with a PDF file (.pdf) or a webpage link. If there is more than one posting please include them in the same email. Please follow up to let us know when the position has been filled, and if possible if you found candidates through our NPW listing. Job listings will remain active for 30 days or until the position has been filled.

Career Chat with NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital:  Tuesday, May 19th at 2 p.m. - Join members of the talent acquisition team from New York-Presbyterian Hospital when they join Jason Chapin, director of workforce development at the Westchester County Association, to chat about a wide range of current career opportunity openings.   

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Fundraising Consultant

Bilingual Family Support Specialist - SPOA

Vice President Development
Vice President Strategic Programs 

Open Door Career Site

Manager Corporate Relations and Service Events

Prevention Specialist - Peer Health Alliance Program

All HVCS Jobs

Grant Writer

PLL Clinician, Orange County
PLL Clinician, Westchester CountyWraparound Clinician
Wraparound Per Diem Clinician

Chief Development Officer

Health Care Assistants, Medical Assistant or Home Health Aide – New Rochelle and White Plains 

Centralized Follow up Registered Nurse – White Plains

Licenced Practical Nurse, Centralized Follow Up – White Plains

Executive Assistant for Patients Services & Operations – Elmsford

Manager of Grants and Foundation Relations – Elsmford

Per- Diem Registered Nurse – White Plains

Bilingual Promotores and Outreach Coordinator – Part time 21 hours a week

Organizational Staff Specialist - Posted 3/6/20

Executive Assistant/Development Associate - Yonkers, NY

Exec. Assistant. Development Assoc 2020 - Posted 3/6/20

Communications Manager MTN (1) - Posted 3/6/20

Human Resources Coordinator - Recruiter - Posted 3/6/20

Senior Accountant - Posted 3/6/20

HR Coordinator Staff Development - Posted 3/6/20

Parent Child Program Instructor - Posted 3/6/20
Administrative Assistant  - Posted 3/6/20

Bilingual Family Support Specialist - Posted 3/6/20

Bilingual FPA  - Posted 3/6/20

Associate Attorney, Immigration - Posted 3/6/20

Associate Attorney, Pro Bono Project - Posted 3/6/20

Managing Attorney, Family Law Practice - Posted 11/25/19

Administrative Assistant - Posted 3/6/20

NYMB Donor Screener Job Posting - Posted 3/6/20

Access all Andrus jobs listed below here

PT Weekend Campus Safety Officer - Actively hiring as of 4/7/20

Social Worker in Yonkers or Peekskill

Bilingual Social Worker in White Plains, Yonkers or Peekskill

Assistant Early Childhood Teacher in Tuckahoe

Per Diem Early Childhood Teacher Aides in Tuckahoe

Bilingual Care Coordinator in Yonkers

Residential Clinician in Yonkers

Bilingual Family Support Specialist in Yonkers

Bilingual Therapeutic Parent Aide in Yonkers

Manager of Donor Cultivation in Yonkers

Cook in Yonkers

Maintenance Worker in Yonkers

Administrative Assistant in Yonkers

Per Diem LPN in Yonkers

Per Diem Overnight RN in Yonkers

Senior Clinician, Yonkers

Supervising Psychologist in Yonkers

Per Diem Special Education Teacher Aide in Yonkers

Certified Teaching Assistant in Yonkers

School Psychologist – Masters Level in Yonkers

School Psychologist – Post-Doctoral Fellow in Yonkers

Recreation Specialist in Yonkers

Direct Care Workers in Yonkers

Assistant Director of Residential Services, in Yonkers

Assistant Program Manager in Yonkers

Campus Administrator in Yonkers

Home Health Aid - Posted 3/6/20
PT Cook Ossining - Posted 3/6/20
Social Worker Full Time - Posted 3/6/20
Driver FT - Posted 3/6/20
Social Worker in Partial Hospital - Posted 3/6/20

White Plains Public Library Summer Job Opportunities - Posted 3/4/20

Senior Accountant - Posted 2/24/20


Swim Instructor - posted 2/11/20
Summer Camp job openings - posted 2/11/20
Lifeguard - posted 2/11/20

All Current MHA Jobs Detailed Here with Application Info

Registered Nurse - White Plains, NY

Psychiatrist or Nurse Practitioner – Tarrytown, NY

INSET Recovery Specialist - White Plains

Clinician CPST - HCBS

Clinician-OnTrack, Yonkers, NY

Psychsocial Rehabilitation Specialist - HCBS

Registered Nurse (RN) in Rockland County, NY

Peer Support Specialist HCBS – Tarrytown, NY

Peer Support Specialist - HCBS

Clinic Nurse-LPN, Rockland County, NY

Youth Peer Advocate - Per Diem

Care Manager (Safe Harbor) - White Plains, NY

Care Manager - Tarrytown, NY

Accounting Manager/Controller - Tarrytown, NY

Medical Assistant

Clinic Nurse-LPN, Mt. Kisco, NY

Registered Nurse ACT - Tarrytown, NY

Caregiver/Family Supports & Services Worker - Tarrytown, NY

Rehabilitation Counselor - White Plains, NY

Bilingual Individual Care Coordinator - White Plains, NY

Skill Builder - Tarrytown, NY

Respite Worker - Tarrytown, NY

Peer Outreach/Care Manager - Tarrytown, NY

Psychiatrist or Nurse Practitioner – Yonkers, NY

Bilingual Clinician - Haverstraw, NY

Psychiatrist or Nurse Practitioner – White Plains, NY

Rehabilitation Counselor - Putnam County, NY

Program Coordinator (Rockland County) - Nyack, NY

Peer Support Specialist position in Adult Care Management

Healthcare Specialist - Tarrytown, NY

Community Psychiatric Supports and Treatment Worker - Tarrytown, NY

Registered Nurse - Mount Kisco, NY

SHAC-Clinician - Valhalla, NY

WRN-E Recovery Specialist - White Plains, NY

Administrative Assistant/Front Desk Receptionist, White Plains, NY

Early Childcare Positions - Posted 1/18/20

Associate Director of Childcare - Posted 1/18/20

Director of Development - Posted 1/18/20

Development Director - Posted 1/5/20

Communications Manager - Posted 1/2/20

Counselor - Senior Level

Social Worker- Yonkers - Posted 3/6/20

Social Club - Assistant - Posted 3/6/20

CFTSS Coordinator - Posted 3/6/20

Psychiatric Nurse Practioner - Posted 3/6/20

Psychiatrist - Posted 3/6/20

Chief Program Officer - Posted 3/6/20

Development- Database and Event Planning Coordinator - Posted 3/6/20

Program Coordinator, Child & Family Program - Posted 2/11/20

Part Time Social Worker DSS - Posted 12/20/19

POINT Program Specialist - Posted 12/20/19

Intensive Care Coordinator CSUPosted 12/20/19

Social Worker Center Lane - Posted 12/20/19

Executive Director - Posted 12/20/19

Administrative Assistant Agency Services - Posted 12/20/19

Bilingual Licensed Social Worker-Clinician for New Rochelle Mental Health Clinic

Registered Nurse
Certified Peer Support Specialist
Employment Specialist 

Early Childhood Special Education Teacher - Posted 3/6/20

Licensed Clinical Social Worker-Supervisor for Mt. Vernon Clinic 2 - Posted 3/6/20

Licensed Clinical Social Worker-Licensed Master Social Worker for Mt. Vernon Clinic - Posted 3/6/20

Licensed Social Worker-Clinician for New Rochelle Online - Posted 3/6/20

Licensed Clinical Social Worker for New Rochelle Clinic - Posted 1/5/20

School Based Clinician - Posted 12/20
Housing Counselor - Posted 11/25/19

Driver - Posted 11/25/19
RN Supervisor - Posted 11/25/19

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