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NPW Affordable Housing Resources

Westchester faces an urgent crisis. The cost of living and the lack of housing that is affordable represents a major threat to the vitality of the county. The toll of the housing crisis is felt disproportionately among employees in the nonprofit sector — the very people who deliver essential services who are predominantly people of color and chronically underpaid for the value they create in our community.

The following factsheet, “A Crisis: Affordable Housing and Westchester’s Nonprofit Workforce, demonstrates the severity of the housing burdens and barriers experienced by the nonprofit workforce, based on data collected by an NPW Affordable Housing Committee survey of nonprofit employees in Fall of 2020, with data analysis and reporting courtesy of the Westchester Children’s Association and the statistics from the “Westchester County Housing Needs Assessment”, prepared by Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress and released by Westchester County Executive George Latimer in November 2019. 

In addition to the report, Nonprofit Westchester released a document dispelling the “10 Myths About Affordable Housing in Westchester” and presented the information during a virtual presentation in January of 2022. Download the presentation slides here. Access the zoom recording here. Hyper link the presentation slides and zoom recording. Open to suggestions about hyperlinking or adding a button.

Access the entire NPW 2022 Affordable Housing Series below:

10 Myths About Affordable Housing — January 26, 2022

The Economic and Social Benefits of Building the Housing We Need — May 4, 2022

A Call to Action for the Nonprofit Sector — June 15, 2022

Nonprofit Westchester is a proud partner of The Building & Realty Institute of Westchester & the Mid-Hudson Region (BRI) and the “Welcome Home Westchester” campaign, composed of several organizations and leaders involved in home building and development, fighting against homelessness and driving a new conversation around housing in the county.

Read the Welcome Home Westchester White Paper — “The Economic Benefits of Building the Housing We Need”

Learn about the Welcome Home Westchester Campaign and their latest affordable housing initiatives.

“Many of the hardworking people in our agencies cannot fathom homeownership. Much like some of the clients they serve, a significant percentage of our staff members are one paycheck away from precarious financial situations — and these are largely black and brown people.”

— Nonprofit Member Employee

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