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Many Missions. One Voice. 

Data and lived experiences clearly demonstrate that systemic and institutional racism continue to undermine the foundations of well-being for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) communities by denying access and/or presenting barriers to opportunities for jobs, wealth-building, housing, healthcare, education, and equal treatment under the law. The people and populations served by nonprofit organizations are often those most impacted by racism in all of its forms. Racism hurts everyone, denies our communities of the richness of diversity and weakens our economy.

Nonprofit Westchester (NPW) recognizes that the resulting life-limiting and deadly racial and ethnic disparities, and racial trauma persist across all sectors of society today, including the nonprofit sector. 

With this understanding, and integral to our mission to Strengthen Westchester’s Nonprofit Organizations as they transform lives, empower communities and drive positive change, NPW commits to supporting the nonprofit sector by taking meaningful action to help remedy the impact of racism on our clients, patients, consumers and our own workforce.

Nonprofit Westchester also commits to dismantling systems of oppression, building anti-racist systems and promoting racial equity by: 

  • Applying a racial equity lens to all of our work at the board and staff level, through our organizational policies and practices, in our programmatic work and community education
  • Advocating for changes in relevant public policy and law
  • Advocating for transformation in funding and philanthropy to advance the work of BIPOC led organizations
  • Speaking up against racism, stereotypes and biases, internally and externally 
  • Providing meaningful opportunities that support people of color to be included in and lead in the nonprofit sector
  • Serving as a resource and example to other sectors.

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